Posted by: MandyS | May 8, 2014

Onto Block 3 and Learning Design…

…ooh yippee! No actually I am enthused by this. I have been involved with group presentations but Design is a whole new concept for me.

So I am a member of Group B – use digital storytelling to explore a social/cultural/ethical dilemmas. To be honest I wasn’t particularly bothered which project I joined but I know nothing about the role of digital storytelling so am quite happy I have been assigned to this project. The project forms part of the next TMA together with an element of reflection about the experience. On that basis, I have decided to make regular trips here to reach some conclusion about how I think I, and the group, are ‘getting along’, so to speak!

From the ‘visions’ I get the impression we are all at the same stage with DS (will have to abbreviate, far too long to type!) i.e. no previous experience and so on a level playing field here.

Now to the fun part…working as a team. Bar one, we are all on board which is a start and we have met to agree a context. Fairly straightforward? Well, we had an OU Live session but for some bizarre reason, which I have not yet fathomed…NO-ONE SPOKE! Actually, I asked if I could be heard, but the rest of the ‘meeting’ was conducted by text chat? why? Could we not just have used Google Hangouts for that. The obvious problem with the text chat was that everyone was writing something, but the box is only small so I kept losing track of what had been ‘said’. Don’t get me wrong, we did agree euthanasia/assisted suicide as a the ‘ethical dilemma’ and considered various personas relevant to that, but I am not convinced we yet have a context, which of course is key…not least because for the TMA one has to describe the ‘key characteristics of the context’.






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