Posted by: MandyS | January 29, 2014

The good, the bad and the ugly…

Michaud (2010) considers the Gibbs Cycle of Reflection as being useful for students to reflect on their learning experience.

  • Description – What happened?
  • Feeling – What were you thinking and feeling at the time? What was good and bad about the experience?
  • Analysis – What sense can be made of the situation?
  • Conclusion – What else could have been done?
  • Action plan – What needs to be done next time?

The task is to consider how this ‘could be useful when writing the reflective parts of your TMAs’.

As far as I can tell, only TMA 03 requires any reflection of my own learning experience but I thought I would think about whether the cycle could be applied to any of the other TMA’s. I haven’t looked in any detail at them, but I thought I would try to apply it to TMA 01. For me, the relevant part for reflection would be explaining why my examples are innovative and how they can be used effectively in my organisation. This is on the premise that in order to answer this part of the question, I need to think about my own practice as a law tutor and what, if any, changes I might want to make to enhance my tutoring. Are there innovations which could be adopted? So here is my take on the Gibbs Cycle and how it can be transferred to other contexts to promote reflection:

  • Description – What do I do now in relation to ‘x’?
  • Feeling – What do I think about how I do ‘x’? What is good and bad about it?
  • Analysis – What works and what can be improved?
  • Conclusion – What would I do differently? Does it need changing?
  • Action plan – What do I need to do to improve or enhance ‘x’?

The law as a whole has been slow to catch up with innovation generally but that is probably because it is steeped in tradition. I am not convinced that the OU law programme is as up-to-date with using technology to enhance the learning experience for law students as the campus universities may be. With the OU being due to part company with the University of Law and become instead a competitor, my own view is that there needs to be a lot of catching up take place. Hopefully, as I go along, I can use the journal to record the good, the bad and the ugly and reflect on what I can do to enhance the learning experience for my own students.




  1. Hi
    I like your effort to consider reflection in terms of the TMAs. Reflection is very relevant to TMA03 – reflecting on the block 3 experience of working on a design project in a small group.

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