Posted by: MandyS | June 27, 2013

Using Feeds and Twitter

Block 3, Week 18 Activities 3 & 4

This has been quite hands on and at last I have found out what feeds do and how I might use them. I have subscribed to quite a few, both for law and for the MAODE but beyond that, I have not really done anything with them. I don’t think I am altogether sure about their purpose and how I could adopt them in either my own learning or that of others. I think I will have to revisit this at some time.

But Twitter I am impressed with. I did set up an account some time ago but never really got around to using it, although I had a couple of followers who kept posting odd snippets that I thought I would get back to at some time but never did. This time around, though, I can really see the benefit. What a fantastic way of keeping updated! I really can see the potential of this tool in learning. W201 students are asked to keep abreast of the law via news and reviews etc. and I think this would be ideal on the basis that the information comes to you rather than you having to go to it. If there is something that takes your eye, you can instantly read it and then pass it on for others. The ultimate in ‘participation’ and ‘forming communities of learning’.

I think this is something I will explore further for my EMA…


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