Posted by: MandyS | June 27, 2013

Technology in my own context

Block 2, Week 12, Activity 5

Identify a form of technology used in an educational context.

iTutorials on W201

What do you think is the likely impact of this technology on the students’ perceptions of the quality of their modules, their approaches to studying and their academic performance?

The iTutorials were introduced to supplement the module materials for the Law Programme compulsory modules. Periodically, students ask how to get to them via the café, which suggests they are used, but I suspect that these students may be in the minority. The information the tutorials cover is basically the same as in the module materials but the benefit for some students will be that it is presented in a different way. There is also an element of interactivity in that students answer questions based on what has been said. Students using the iTutorials may feel that their student experience is enhanced and that they gain some benefit from being able to access the material in a different format, which might ultimately improve their eventual performance. The tutorials were first trialled on W200 and the reason they were introduced module wide was because students were positive about their introduction.

What do you think is the likely impact of this technology on the teachers’ perceptions of their teaching context and their approaches to teaching?

Just as few students use them, I imagine there are even fewer tutors. However, one benefit of these tutorials is that they can provide a base for further discussion in face-to-face tutorials or even on the tutor group forums.

Do you think this technology embodies particular assumptions about the nature of teaching and learning in higher education? If so, what are these assumptions? Are they likely to promote more positive perceptions, more desirable approaches to studying and better performance on the part of the students?

What it suggests is that the module team are aware that the module materials are not always enough to get students engaged. Some students need more support and this is one way of achieving that and putting the student in control of their own learning.


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