Posted by: MandyS | June 27, 2013

Location based learning

Block 3, Week 19, Activity 4

So location is not just about the physical whereabouts of a learner their stage in learning is also important? I think I have understood this correctly. Location has a variety of dimensions and having regard to these dimensions is relevant to the integration of technology into module design.

I think this table better describes what is being suggested:

Described image

‘Conceptual framework for next-generation designs for mobile-supported language learning in informal settings (Kukulska-Hulme, 2012, p.9)’.

Does the framework take into account the learner’s journey (their progress)?

For me the paper is focused on how modules can be designed around a learners ability to make best use of their time on the basis of the time they have available the type of activity they need to undertake and where they are likely to be able to undertake the activity. There is no specific mention of this being linked to where the learner is in achieving the learning outcomes or on their learning journey. Although the learners are assumed to have ‘adequate knowledge’, what does this relate to – the material, how to make best use of their time?

How would you answer the questions in the three-box framework (which we reproduced in our Figure 1), in relation to your own learning?

I think the activity is the key to determining where and when I am most likely to carry it out. On the whole, my study is mainly on the train using my mobile on that basis, anything ‘challenging’ would have to be left until I am at home. I have managed to complete TMA03 on my phone, but it was relatively short and didn’t require a lot of effort but I doubt I would attempt a full TMA!

So I think I have concluded that the context in which a learner is learning may determine the technology they use?



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