Posted by: MandyS | April 27, 2013

Analysing age and gender patterns over time

Block 2, Week 11, Activity 2d

Now here was a definite challenge, not least because I have never been good with figures. But I had a go and this is what I initially came up with for the forum post:

a) young and old: Although all age groups appear to have shown the greatest increase in the first half of the decade, that rate of increase has slowed, particularly in the 16 – 29 age ranges so I would argue that this suggests the digital divide between them has narrowed in recent years.

b) men and women: More 16 – 19 women accessed the internet at the beginning of the decade than men. This is still the case but only marginally so. The digital divide for this age group has narrowed. For 20 – 29 year olds it was still women over men but the gap was marginal, now the trend has reversed and the gap widened. Similarly with 40 – 49 year olds the divide has narrowed although the trend has reversed. The divide has also narrowed for 50 – 59 year olds where more men than women accessed the internet but now it is very much the same.

The conclusion here is that it depends on the age as to whether the gender gap has narrowed and in some cases it has actually increased.

Of course, the way to do this was represent the figures in a graph, as one student quite helpfully did. Why didn’t I think of that… because I have never been good with figures. Of course the next challenge was representing the figures in a graph; just how does one do that??? Google, that’s how, which directed me to Excel and a very useful tutorial. So off I went and here are the results:

Age Divide Gender and AgeAge Divide MenAge Divide WomenAge Divide Men and WomenAge Divide Young and Old

Of course the biggest problem was then inserting them into here, but as usual, persistence won the day and I figured the only way to do it and keep my sanity was to save them as pictures!!

So in my excitement, I have nearly forgotten to consider what all this concludes. There is an increase in internet usage between all age groups and between men and women but the divides appear to remain the same. I am interested to compare particular age groups between men and women as I think the 20 – 49 groups show some interesting changes. But that will have to wait for another day.


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