Posted by: MandyS | March 20, 2013

And so to Week 5, Week 6 and Week 7…

Given I have been on catch up for what seems like an eternity and conscious that I have had a TMA to fit in as well, I have decided to rely on my forum posts and not actually post anything here. In any event, I rather skimmed these activities and, although interesting, I think the basic message is that the form of representation depends on the individual. Personally, I am a media girl and love anything not text based. That must come from the years of ploughing through labourious law reports. There must definitely be a market for law reports in Powerpoint format! I loathe text and I feel one can learn so much more from watching it, but that may be how my brain is wired. Just because this is a Masters surely I shouldn’t have to follow the sheep and read reems and reems of seeming nonsense about how and why I learn. I can gain much of my knowledge simply from observing how my cohort behave with H800; and I don’t intend any disrespect in that; I wholeheartedly admire enthusiasm, it is just not for me.

So the TMA is complete and of course I can now confess my bairns error…about to submit when I thought I would re-read the instructions, which I had re-read umpteen times. That was when I discovered that I had written 500 words for both 1 and 2 as opposed to the two combined! Gutted!! and spent the next hour slashing all those carefully constructed arguments. What a waste but hey ho! thats life.

Week 7 has rather passes me by; I have completed the quiz and skimmed the activities but not done anything constructive. Instead, I have rewarded myself with a hard earned rest, printed off the instructions for TMA2 and decided to start afresh on Saturday (Well Sunday actually as I’m off to see Olly Murs and reflect on what I was doing a year ago!).


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