Posted by: MandyS | February 28, 2013

Definition of Learning

Block 1, Week 4, Activity 1
Is this not the impossible task? How does one go about defining learning? On the basis of keep it simple I thought I would begin by thinking about why one learns and then hopefully thereafter I will be able to muster up some sort of definition. This might be something of a work in progress but here goes:

One learns in order to:

1. Find out about something. This really has to be broken down into something that one either knows nothing about or something that one has some knowledge of but there is a need or a desire to know more.

2. Find out how to do something. Again this would relate to things that one has no knowledge of or something which needs to be refined or expanded upon.

I suppose this is over-simplistic but is this not what learning is all about? To turn this into a definition then:

Finding out about something or how to do something for which there is no previous knowledge or there is a need/desire to refine/expand that knowledge.

And so to the forum…


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