Posted by: MandyS | January 18, 2013

Block 1, Week1: Activity 2

I really must be more imaginative about the titles for these posts!

Anyway, having read the introduction and themes it is now time to:

Send a message to your tutorial group, telling them something that interested you or that you particularly noticed as you were reading those pages of introduction to H800.

The thing that stood out for me was the fact that ‘learning is complex’ and that it is a balancing act between steering learners to learn what is intended whilst allowing them to develop as independent learners. As I think back to my own schooldays (not quite Tom Brown but close), I don’t remember learning being complex; one sat a desk and wrote reams of notes from the board, went home, tried to answer questions on the reams of notes and either got a tick or a ‘see me’ and a telling off for not paying attention. I suppose what makes learning complex today is the vast array of learning ideas, methods and gadgets. It was only ever pen and paper. Now I can use a pen which records in a book which also records and then the whole lot can be uploaded to my computer, which then very obligingly turns my indecipherable handwriting to text. I can then share, discuss, anotate, create a podcast, publish and even broadcast if I were so inclined! So what am I learning? the content or the method? What I do know is that last year, having all this great technology didn’t help me in writing the EMA; formulating the issues was still down to me and no amount of technology was going to help with that! But it was all part of the learning experience so, to that end, I was successful.

The other thing that stood out to me was “means of interpreting reality”. What on earth does that mean???

Explain one key benefit that you feel you may get from studying H800.

Apparently we are not going to be held to this…

I suppose being able to explore whether technology really does enhance the learning experience or whether it is more of a hinderance.

Send a message to your tutorial group, telling them the one outcome that most interests/puzzles you at the moment, and why.

I think it has to be this one:

choices that learners make about their own learning, in terms of which technologies they use, why and how;

Why? Because I think it is this which has the greatest implication for designing and presenting technology enhanced learning simply because the choice of techonology is vast, learning is a very personal commodity and dependent on the audience it is aimed at.


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