Posted by: MandyS | January 11, 2012

End of the road…

Well here I am surrounded by pieces of paper and not an issue in sight. I have worked so hard but I just can’t bring it all together in anything meaningful or that would at least achieve 50 marks. I have to face facts, I have no hope of passing so there is little point continuing.

My MAODE journey is at an end.



  1. Amanda, its not all over – get something on that paper, I for one visit your blog often for inspiration, and was doing so tonight. You have lots here, if your work place created some online learning what guidelines or rules would they use if any no guidelines or rules in place is an issue, anaylse the structure of your org using AT and use it to unpick the potential lack of co operation in developing online learning.
    Go for it just write at frist like you do on your blog then refine it
    Good luck

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Another reader here, you area not alone. Is there not one in the forums you can use?
    Having a look it appears that you have thought of some (I’m not in your TG, so can’t reply there I’m afraid).

    Enforcement of the rules is an issues. Is it a big one for the OU? You seem to think not. So are they merely developing accessible online learning from a social/moral stand point? Does changining it to incentives to follow the rules help?

    I agree that your 4th point on Novices/Experts does relate to the Activity Theory which is also an element of your 2nd issue on the division of labour. It appears you have some ideas already on this.

    Who should the Brokers? Does there have to be an answer? Is there one that one could say fits every context? No. If you feel there are brokers already can you not explore how that role works within context? Does it work well? Could it be improved?

    I hope this helps and remember you can look over the other tutor group forums for ideas that might be relevant.

    More Good Luck being sent your way!

  3. Gosh! I hadn’t realised anyone actually read much of this blog but I’m glad you have. Your support is very welcome and I shall sit down again today and try to construct some ideas from what you have said. Good luck to you both!!

  4. Amanda, hope youeventually got something together, it was difficult to relate to your own context. A course that leaned too heavily towards HE. Good luck with whatever module you are doing next. BW Joanne

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