Posted by: MandyS | January 5, 2012

Activity 36.1 (b) – Issues

I’ve found it quite difficult identifying issues from this last chapter, simply because I am struggling to relate it to my own context. Here goes:

1. Over-reliance on certain artefacts – in answering this question I identified that it is probably the procedure within the OU for supporting disabled students which lulls Law Programme tutors into a false sense of security that the module materials are accessible and for that reason I doubt little consideraton is given to making their own tutorial materials accessible. Perhaps if there were more discourse about the accessibility of the modules per se then this would lead to increased participation within the Community of Practice.

2. Is the Law Programme a community or constellation of practice? – I ask this question because the LP essentially sits between two organisations, the OU and the College of Law. The OU I would suggest has a most definite community of practice which is focused on developing accessible elearning. The College of Law on the other hand, is focused on providing professional training for lawyers. In reality, the Law Programme is delivered via paper manuals and, although there are online materials and support, these are underutilised. As such, accessible elearning is not a significant issue at the current time. As a module within the OU community, I would say it is part of a constellation but only a community in terms of its relationship with the College of Law. Until an identity is established, I think it is difficult for the Law Programme to devlop accessible elearning other than by emphasising to tutors the need to make their own tutorial materials accessible.

I will have to continue to think about a third issue which is relevant to my own context.



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