Posted by: MandyS | December 13, 2011

Activity 32.1 – Reviewing Blogs

For this activity I am asked to find four accessibility-related blogs and write a short review saying why they may be relevant to my context.

My starting point for this was to do a google search for ‘accessibility-related blogs’ and in doing so I came across the WebAIM Blog – Accessibility Blog Roundup. It contains details of a number of blogs which all relate in some way or another to accessibility. Although the blog itself is April 2009, all the links I tried work and are up-to-date. Although probably not directly related to my context, there is a wealth of information here, especially in relation to new and emerging technology and accessibility issues; I shall be saving those which I think will be useful to me.

As these blogs were aimed more towards the towards the technical side of accessibility, I conducted a further search adding in ‘learning’. This has come up with Blogs aimed specifically at my own context: 

1. Martyn Cooper’s Weblog. Martyn is a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the OU concerned with ‘all issues to do with disabled people’s access to education, especially eLearning.’ The blog covers accessibility, usability and pedagogy  in eLearning and is therefore directely relevant to my own context.

2. E-accessibility Blog – this is an ‘information source on all aspects related to inclusive and accessible web authoring’ for staff and students of Dundee University. It is also aimed at ‘anyone interested in learning more about web accessibility, particularly from a Higher Education perspective’ so again it is directly relevant to my own context.

3. The Assistive Technology Blog – This blog is from the Virginia Department of Education’s Training and Technical Assistance Center. There is an abundance of information focused on AT and its use in education , emerging technologies, and Universal Design. The posts are quite short but give an overview together with a link for finding out more information. The information can be scanned quite easily to see what may/may not be relevant, so a good way of keeping up-to-date.


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