Posted by: MandyS | December 8, 2011

Post eTMA blues?

I don’t know but I seem to be really struggling to get motivated with Block 3. I just about managed to keep up last week but tailed off towards the end and haven’t really got around to completing the last activity on universal design. Then having started this week with a bad cold has just made matters worse; feeling like your reading and not taking anything in is not condusive to any learning. I just don’t seem to be able to concentrate and that is not good, especially as I am well into the xmas rush now.

The final nail in the coffin has been the arrival of the eTMA result. I have mixed views on this. I thought I had covered everything asked meticulously but I just don’t seem to be able to get it right. Nor do I really see where I have gone wrong. I accept I may not have covered certain things but to be honest I didn’t cover them because, to me, they were not relevant to my particular experience; which is what I thought the eTMA was about. For the EMA I think I will take the stance of writing the opposite to what is asked and maybe then I might actually achieve what is expected. To some extent, some of the comments left me feeling a bit irritated e.g. your the second most frequent contributor to the forum; yet I only achieved 9/10. Last time, I achieved one of the ‘first place’ accolades yet I don’t see that I have contributed any less than I did last time. This suggests that the number of posts are added up and the mark awarded provided you hit a certain number. I hadn’t realised it was a competition. Quite frankly, I couldn’t contribute any more than I do to the forum and it is a darned sight more than others do. I suppose I could take the view ‘what the hell, its only 10 marks’ and not bother at all, but I enjoy the interaction and finding out about other people’s situations.¬†Something and nothing I know, but so irritating. And then there is a question of headings; last time my headings followed the questions asked but apparently these weren’t right. This time I got the headings right but now I need ‘sub-headings.’ Can’t win really. Then finally, my argument wasn’t focused. It was focused on demonstrating how difficult creating the learning object had been, which I again thought was the purpose of the exercise, but obvioulsy not.

Its not that I can’t take criticsm. When you have been doing my job as long as I have, you get used to being criticised for everything you do and say; if you don’t believe me, go to your local magistrates court and see how the Prosectutor gets torn to shreds on a case by case basis. I took on board everything that was said last time and I will this time, but I feel that the goal posts move and in that respect, whatever I do will not be right.

All in all, I am completely de-flated and de-motivated, which is not good at this stage with xmas and the EMA looming. Will just have to mull it all over for a few days and go make the Christmas chutney instead.


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