Posted by: MandyS | October 16, 2011

Activity 14.1 – Benevolent Bill…

This has been a really interesting exercise. I have never used any of these applications and the one thing that strikes me about all the exercises is how time consuming they are.

Here is my appraisal of the various tasks:

Task 1:

I have written about how I found this task on the actual postcard:

Hello everyone,

This is fairly straightforward to use but it is incredibly slow, especially navigating around the keyboard; and I’m a trained typist.

The predictive words at the top are quite useful if they actually predict what you want to say (and remember they are there).

My wrist is quite tired now but I presume you can use the mouse keys, although I think that might be even slower.



p.s. I’ve also ended up with too many spaces for some reason.


I suppose the more one uses this application the more adept one becomes with it, but I think this may take a while to master.

Tasks 2 & 3: 

Both these tasks used the magnifier. Although fairly straightforward to use, I found it incredily difficult to navigate, especially for the drag and drop. The problem for me is that not everything is on the screen which means constantly having to move the screen up and down to keep finding things (the screen also had an irritating habit of jumping back to the left). This was particularly difficult for the drag and drop as I needed to remember where all the boxes were to be able to navigate straight to them.

Again, navigation is probably something which becomes easier the more one uses it, but the layout of sites can be very different so the problem is always there.

Task 4:

Although the keys were straightforward to use, I again found it incredibly difficult to navigate and very slow. I think the problem was with not being able to scroll directly to the information. There was no necessity to remember the layout of the screen and I think this is something which you could become expert in with plenty of practice.

I was able to complete all of the tasks with the limited help provided by the overviews but I think to become proficient, more help would be required.

I found navigation and time as the two main problems but overall I thought they were useful applications. I do think they are quite basic and I am not sure they would accomodate all impairments.

Word applications:

The first problem I encountered was that Word 2010 has removed some of the functions i.e. autosummarise and some of the others are renamed and in other places. On the whole, I can see their usefulness and some of them I use myself already e.g. auto correct.


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