Posted by: MandyS | January 5, 2011

Activity 7.5

This activity is somewhat late but my neck has got steadily worse over the last few weeks until I have been forced to stop using the computer. I am having to do this with only my left hand and to say it is frustrating would be an understatement.

I think the best thing I can do is cut and paste my self assessment and hopefully it may get reviewed:

Core Activity 7.5: Self Assessment

The following represents one of the criteria in my needs analysis grid that I identified as being average:

Ability to use IT appropriately x I can use the IT needed for my own course and assess myself as being ‘above average’ here. However, I need to develop my skills in relation to other applications, which may also be of use. 


I have identified that, although I feel I am reasonably proficient with the technology I am required to use in relation to the course I tutor, I feel I am less well skilled with other technology.

I further identified the following technology related competency as being lacking:

  • Experience of audio and visual facilities of the web; for example, Netmeeting, Skype, digital photos, webcasting, podcasting.

Skype is a technology I have heard of but have no experience of using. My first opportunity to use it came with Activity 6.3. This was a collaborative activity requiring the group to make a presentation on the key principles of elearning. The group decided that the easiest way to discuss tactics was synchronously using Skype. To take part, I needed to set up an account and add the group members to it (technology-related competency/skills). One of the group members was not sure about how to use it so I offered advice about how to set it up ready for use (technology-related competency/proactivity). I then took part in the Skype conference (communication-related competency/skills). Following the discussion, I reflected on my experience in my blog (technology-related competency/reflection).

Following my use of Skype in this way, I now feel confident with using the technology and being able to advise others about its use.

I do think having to provide the evidence to show how you say the competency is met is a convincing method of self assessment. Saying you can do something is one thing but actually proving you can do it is another. In terms of the actual evidence here, I would probably provide screen shots of the set up Skype and the help I gave in the forum. As the call was not recorded, it would be difficult to evidence my actual participation but this is something which I can bear in mind for the future.

I was a bit daunted by this task initially, but having applied the same principles I apply in my day job of providing the evidence to prove the offence, I found it much more straightforward than I anticipated. The greatest difficulty is deciding which ‘box’ to put it in. I may have stretched the ‘proactivity’ but to me if someone needs help and you are willing to give it, that is being proactive just as much as identifying what technologies are available.

I look forward to hearing what others think.



  1. It’s really interesting to read that you’ve been able to make a link between your ‘day job’ and providing evidence, Amanda. It sounds as though you found it much easier to evidence your competencies once you’d made that connection?

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