Posted by: MandyS | December 21, 2010

Blogging again at last!

Gosh it seems such a long time since I last blogged. There are various reasons for that but I wouldn’t want to bore anyone with them. Anyway, I have TMA02 finally out of the way so I can now concentrate on what I need to do next.

I found the TMA extremely difficult. I really could not get my head around what the essay was asking me to do. I think because I ended up doing too much reading about the subject. Ironically, I couldn’t bring the topics together which is what the Units were designed to do! Anyway, it is over now and gone so I will just wait and see what it was I was actually supposed to write about.

I need to catch up with the rest of Unit 7 but I notice that the Activities there have been lacking in customers. I need to do the PDP part though so I will get on with it and see what happens. I wonder if it is the review part that has put people off or whether they were just too busy with the TMA.

I have completed Activity 8.1 and posted my Podcast to the forum for evaluation. I enjoyed making the podcast and found Audacity very easy to use. I suppose I could have done more with it but I need time to do so and that is not something I have at the moment. I thought Keith’s was great; the background music was very restful. I thought it would be a distraction but it actually made me focus more on what he was saying. I am not sure what others will make of mind. I sound quite boring but I think that might just be the way my voice is. I think everyone thinks they sound much different to how they actually do. I was struggling initially to find something to talk about, but whilst I was reviewing Keith’s I thought why don’t I take this further and talk about my own experience. Hopefully it is in line with what we are supposed to be doing.

And what next? I think I need to have a look at the supplementary activities, although I doubt I can do much with the market place; I have plenty of Help but nothing to sell! I also need to look at the ECA as it is looming fast and given my experience with the last one, I had better start now.



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