Posted by: MandyS | November 21, 2010

All embedded out

Embedding is my task. Well I did want more experience of technology and I think this has given me plenty to be going on with.

My first aim was to get an Xtranormal video embedded into Google Presentation so that its benefits could be viewed by those not so sure about using it for the presentation. I began by making a demo on Xtranormal. How good did I feel? I had wanted to use this tool but had not yet got around to it and not found a need. I would have liked to have used it in putting together the presentation but being me, I let others do that. Anyway, I don’t feel I have missed out. It is only short but I now know what to do. The next thing was embedding it. I basically tried every avenue until my only option was to publish to You Tube. Yet another account and even that did not work initially. What I didn’t know was, it takes sometime for it to publish. It was only whilst I was sitting in the pub some hours later that I thought I would check YouTube just on the off-chance. OMG it was there!!! The neighbouring table must have thought the three of us demented sitting around my phone watching the all of 23 seconds clip over and over again. Anyway, back at home, I used the Insert tab on Google presentation and there it was, nicely embedded for all the see.

Not the same for the audio, however. Here I have drawn a blank. Many a forum and helpsite later, I have finally concluded it is just not possible to embed an audio file into Google Presentation. It can be uploaded, but then has to be downloaded via a link. There don’t appear to be any ‘free’ alternatives, so voiceover for the Presentation appears a non-starter.

Apparently, the audio can be embedded into a website so I have looked at Google Sites as both the video and Presentation can be embedded there but I can’t get the audio in, even using the HTML. I think it is now beyond my capabilities. Think I will let my fellow collaborators know and post on the tech & skills for any pearls of wisdom.


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