Posted by: MandyS | November 17, 2010

Activity 6.1

As I have said in the forum, I have struggled with this activity & I don’t really know why. I think maybe it is because I haven’t understood the correct interpretation of ‘practice’. I see it as meaning something someone does so that ‘good practice’ is something that someone does well and to a required level. Is this too simplistic? On that basis I have looked to see what the practice might be in the papers & then considered what role & competencies might fit. Others seem to have taken a different approach but to be honest I am not clear what their  interpretation is. On the whole, I am left somewhat confused, which is worrying given the next couple of activities. I am wondering how I get this clear in my mind. I had hoped there would have been more posts that might have guided me but not as yet. I downloaded a mindmap tool some time ago so could give that a go. At the moment though, I feel very thick.



  1. Hi Amanda

    I found this one quite tricky as well – that’s really why I ended up just blogging a summary of each resource. I think it’s so hard to define practice and competence in elearning as there are so many contexts. I couldn’t really grasp the linkages between Goodyear and the resources we were asked to look at, either!

    • Thanks for that Alice, I am so glad I am not on my own.

  2. Hi Amanda

    I struggled with this one too – that’s why I ended up posting a summary to my blog but didn’t make any links between Goodyear and the other sources – I couldn’t really map them at all. Perhaps it’s because practice is so hard to define in general and in elearning because of so many contexts?

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