Posted by: MandyS | October 29, 2010

My journey with Multimedia

I have at long last created my very own Podcast, and how good do I feel?! It is not very exciting but I now know I can do it. My daughter described it as being ‘well cool’!!

I have struggled the last couple of weeks and on more than one occassion I have considered giving up. The catalyst was the instructions for the reflection. As a lawyer, I read instructions literally so I thought I chose my evidence from the core & supplementary activities. I became worried when Lesley said the evidence had to be from each of the 4 units as I wasn’t sure I could produce such evidence. I can see now why she said it and was in fact probably only trying to make the point that this was the best way of showing development. She is right but I think this depends upon being able to cover more than two of the competencies.

As a result, I decided to go through each of the Units and assess what evidence I had from each of the activities. Here are my conclusions, which I have also tagged in relation to the competencies. H808 – Evidence of competencies  It is not up todate as I have now created the podcast. I found doing this very beneficial as it focused my mind on what I have actually achieved with the course so far. I can write blogs, I have made efforts to reflect, I know why I need to reflect, I can add to Wiki’s, I can try to discuss things with my peers and I can create podcasts! It has also highlighted areas I need to still get to grips with – crtitiquing others and proactivity. I have tried to be proactive but I find this hard when others know so much more than me. I have little if anything I can start a post about and if I do, someone always gets there first. At the moment, I am not sure how I can rectify this. My PDP is not complete and this is something I am still working on. I got weighlaid by the technology side of things. I also need to consider further how I can use it to accurately reflect my abilities in relation to the course I teach.

I have to get back to the TMA now as I am rapidly running out of time. I have had a rollercoaster week but after much discussion, I have concluded that this is what I want to do, and no matter how difficult, I will achieve it.


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