Posted by: MandyS | October 20, 2010

Learning about HTML

I have just watched a very informative online tutorial about HTML. I mentioned some time ago that I didn’t even know what it was. It sounded very technical and although I knew I had to find out about it, I was afraid I wouldn’t understand. I now feel really stupid – its simply the text used to make webpages DOH!! I feel I have learnt so much in such a very short space of time. The tutorial is at It is basic stuff but that’s fine for my needs. I now know how to make my own web page and I must say I feel very empowered. I can already think of loads of things to do but most of all, I would like to do something which I can use for the course.

I listened to Maureen’s accounts of how she sees the technology integrating with her own teaching. Despite having this wealth of new technology at her fingertips, she wonders how she will use it. For myself, the more I learn about, the more excited I get about being able to use it. My students struggle with Constitutional law; it is quiet dry to the newcomer. I have strived for the last couple of years to make it more interesting. The interactive stuff at tutorials goes down a treat, but of course, not everyone can attend. The course is run in conjunction with the College of Law and, although they are developing the way in which the course is presented, I think I could do more on the front line to help those who can’t be there.  I am now constantly thinking about ways in which I can use these ‘tools’ to enhance my students’ own learning experience.

One thing I have learned so far on this course is perseverance. Interestingly, I read today that using eportfolios can be a steep learning curve. Becoming an elearning professional is certainly that but well worth the journey. Lets see if Istill agree with this statement in a few weeks time.


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